ProtonMail App Free Download for Mobile Devices

Ease usage of most secure email service with most secure email app. Yep! You are absolutely veracious, I’m talking about ProtonMail. ProtonMail released its official applications for your Android and iOS devices. ProtonMail app brings easy-to-use encryption email service to your smartphones. Secure all communications from web spies with the help of end-to-end encryption. This app comes along with great user interface and usability. You will love the inbox design with beautiful colored labels.  Create a new email account or perform sign in using ProtonMail at your fingertips. You will find innovative features with ability of changing swipe gestures and to send expiring emails.

ProtonMail launched its official applications for Android and iOS only and they are not integrated with any other third party applications. Because integrating with other applications may defeat entire purpose of achieving security and privacy.

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ProtonMail app for Android

ProtonMail released its official application for Android devices to ease its usage. You need not to compromise with security and privacy because security is a default boon in this most secured email app.

  • To use this secure email app you need Android 4.0.3 or higher. By using older versions you may not have high success rate.
  • If you want to visit ProtonMail’s official website then you need to proceed with
  • Similar to other email services ProtonMail also require registration. You can get registered or sign up easily using ProtonMail’s Android application.

Download free ProtonMail application for Android devices via below given link

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ProtonMail application for iOS devices

ProtonMail application became one of the top rated apps on iTunes in a little span.

  • It is available in English, French, simplified and traditional Chinese.
  • This iOS application requires iOS 8.0 or later versions and compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  • Recently ProtonMail added new feature Touch ID integration.
  • Best feature available for iOS users is Password manager support.
  • You can have another important and useful feature that is Auto Lock setting.
  • Support for adding attachments to messages from iCloud and other third party storage apps.

Download ProtonMail secure email app for iOS devices from the below link

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ProtonMail email app for Windows Phone

Actually ProtonMail does not have an official application for Windows Phone. But, you can use ProtonMail on most Windows Phones through updated browsers. Proton Technologies might be waiting for the funding to start Windows application. At this time they are focusing on custom domains, threading, business accounts and premium. ProtonMail app for Windows would be nice and hope it is going to happen soon!


We have reached to end of the post. We recommend you to use ProtonMail apps on your Android or iOS devices to ease usage of most secure email service. Windows phone users hope for the official application in future.